Many young professionals grow exhausted and disenchanted from chasing business gurus and quick-fix formulas. Rather than becoming knock-offs, we must learn to listen to the leadership lessons our lives have been trying to teach us. In “Uniquely You,” Ron Kitchens shares with you his personal journey, and how it led him to lead uniquely.



The French use the term “terroir” to explain the effect soil has on the flavor of food and wine. Ron believes that each of us possesses our own terroir resulting from the influence of our experiences and the people we have encountered in creating our unique stories and leadership.

“Uniquely You” is a memoir of Ron’s life experiences, starting with a youth spent as the dyslexic son of two teenage eighth grade drops-outs to his rise as a successful corporate, philanthropic and community leader. The stories of the lessons learned through the trials of his life are interwoven with real-life business practices which have propelled Ron and his organization to recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in America by publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal and Outside Magazine.

In today’s world of quick fixes, firewalking and reality TV guru driven business advice, “Uniquely You” brings an authentic version of what leaders can do to live their ultimate life—the life they were created for—by drawing on their own life lessons and people who have been placed in their journey.

About Ron

Ron Kitchens’ focus is to lift up leaders by accelerating their impact, influence and well-being in career, family and community.

Ron is the senior partner and chief executive officer of Southwest Michigan First, an economic consulting firm, which has grown 20 percent annually under his leadership. In addition, Ron leads Consultant Connect, is the publisher of 269 MAGAZINE, board member of Impact Athletic, chairman of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and a Trustee of Western Michigan University.

He is the founder of the leadership conference Catalyst University and the co-founder of NEXT, an invitation-only leadership symposium for global economic development leaders.

The author/co-author of 3 books, including the bestseller “Community Capitalism,” Ron blogs and podcasts at ronkitchens.com and can be found on Twitter @ronkitchens.

Ron speaks globally on leadership, creating thriving multi-generational teams and community capitalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO SHOULD PICK UP A COPY OF “UNIQUELY YOU?”“Uniquely You” is meant for emerging leaders, young professionals and accomplished executives who seek answers to “What’s next?” “What’s my purpose?” “Who can I trust to show me the future?” and much more.

HOW WILL “UNIQUELY YOU” AFFECT YOUR LIFE?“Uniquely You” will undoubtedly leave you changed for good. Its lessons will open you up to listening to your past and present without judgement or self-loathing. You will learn to embrace your own unique stories to be shaped as fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

WHERE’S THE BEST PLACE TO CURL UP WITH “UNIQUELY YOU?”Ron suggests that the best way to dive into “Uniquely You” is while sitting lakeside on a warm summer’s day. This scenario is made even better with a Labrador Retriever by your side. (Ron’s dog may have put that one in there.)

WHY IS RON FASCINATED WITH MANDARIN ORANGES?When Ron’s impoverished family received a box of food one Christmas, a can of mandarin oranges was deemed too special to eat. Today, Ron still places a can in his desk drawer to remind him that he is never alone or forgotten.